Helping Your Child with their Home Learning

Nursery School

Children who continue their learning outside of the classroom are more likely to perform well in school. So what can parents do to support their child’s learning at home? Parents can help to support their child’s home learning in a number of different ways. The best place to start is to have an active engagement with your child’s school life. The more supported a child feels at home, the more effectively he or she will perform at school. Here are… Continue Reading “Helping Your Child with their Home Learning”

When our holiday didn’t go as planned and we ended up in a Spanish hospital

Sebby Hospital

No-one ever thinks that they will get ill on holiday. We escaped the UK ahead of Storm Dennis and were looking forward to finding some much needed sunshine and warmer temperatures, but less than a day into our holiday and it was clear that Sebastian was poorly. During our visit to Guadamar Del Segura Sebastian complained that we were walking to fast and that when Isaac made him laugh it hurt, so we sought out the local pharmacy. His advice… Continue Reading “When our holiday didn’t go as planned and we ended up in a Spanish hospital”

Helping Your Child with Exam Stress


Exams are undeniably stressful, no matter how old you are or how well you normally perform. With that in mind, it’s important for parents to spot signs of stress in their youngsters during exam period and try their best to help ease the pressure. Children deal with anxiety in different ways so you should offer a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand if you can. If you’re unsure how you can help, here’s some advice from an independent… Continue Reading “Helping Your Child with Exam Stress”

Relight your writing spark with these writer’s block tips


Do you like to write? Whether you have your own blog, you write for pleasure or you’re hoping to publish your very own novel one day there’s one thing that plagues every writer at some point in their career. Writer’s block. It’s difficult to know what causes it, and it’s inherently frustrating. You want to get something written, but nothing flows, you have no ideas, you’re making endless mistakes and getting frustrated – you can relieve writing stress by checking… Continue Reading “Relight your writing spark with these writer’s block tips”

How CBD Products Helps Moms Deal with Anxiety and Stress


Moms can be stressed out by many things in life. Apart from taking a bigger role in bringing up the kids, they also have to think about the home chores. Stay-at-home moms go to the market while juggling their career, work, business, or any other responsibilities that surround them. All of these things can take a toll on them, leading to stress. In other instances, moms are more prone to anxiety in various stages of their lives like pregnancy, child-rearing,… Continue Reading “How CBD Products Helps Moms Deal with Anxiety and Stress”